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Phrinkles Photography

When my son was 2, he would scream from the bath tub, "Mom, I have Frinkles"  which meant mom I am done in the bath because II have wrinkles in my fingers from being in the tub too long.  I decided to play with some alliteration and change the spelling to make a neat and hopefully memorable name for my photography business


​I have been taking pictures all my life and have always had some form of a camera in my hand. An Opthomologist suggested years ago that I would make a good photographer because I see the way the camera sees, being blind in one eye.  So now I am in my 40's, I have 5 children and I thought, what they heck, why not.  I love what I do and I have an eye for composition.  Check here often for new photos. of new experiences. 


Tracy Kowald



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